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Purchasing Supplies and Sundry

In order to order anything for the lab, you'll need to create a purchase order and, along with any links or invoices, send it to the departmental assistant, the financial assistant, and Nadia who approves all orders. 

If you are ordering something from Amazon or any other store:

  1. Create a purchase order for the items

  2. Create a list of links for the items 

  3. Send purchase orders and links in an email to Nadia and everyone else.

If you are ordering something custom made/anything which will provide you with an invoice

  1. Create a purchase order for the items

  2. Provide a link to the website for the items

  3. Attach the invoice(s) provided

  4. Send purchase orders and links in an email to Nadia and everyone else.

Links to all of the supplies purchased for lab (at the beginning and repurchased as required, including prizes and t-shirts) can be found on this spreadsheet:

Purchase Orders

Both blank copies of the purchase orders and a preliminary filled out purchase order can be found on the DoSC server at smb://$/Forms and Templates/Purchase Orders/​

Detailed instructions on how to fill out the Purchase Order can be found here: 

Example purchase orders can also be seen in the Submitted folder in Purchase Orders on the server.

KFS Number

Remember to make sure that you are entering the correct KFS Acct number. Here are KFS numbers for the different lab-related accounts:

  1. Nadia's Startup: GF14841

  2. Nadia's NSF: FG21971

  3. Lab UROP funds: GF11210


Under signature, you can electronically sign all POs using /s/ Your Name. 

Remember to cc Nadia for all purchasing-related emails since she will have to officially approve all orders signed by you.

Advancement and Reimbursement

All reimbursement and advancement forms can be found on the server. Description of all forms required can be found on the Server Contents page.

Human Subjects Cash Advance

We provide payments for participants who come into the lab ($5/visit) to cover the cost of parking. In order to have funds ready in lab, you need to apply for an advancement, typically $500. The advancement form can be found on the server under Forms and Templates > Advancement and Reimbursement Forms. 

The form needs to be filled out with a completion date. It is typically a goo idea to set this at the latest possible date (4 months from date of request), since it can be closed out early. The cash advance can also be extended by request to Clara. 

Both the lab manager and Nadia need to sign the Cash Advance Form before turning it in to Clara (in person). 

Clara will usually contact the lab manager or Nadia when the check is ready to be picked up. The check can be cashed in at any bank. If Nadia cashes the check and provides the funds, they will need to be changed to 100x$5 notes in the bank (which can be done on campus at the Wells Fargo if you have a Wells Fargo account). 

Paying Online Participants

We provide $3/15 minutes spent to all adult participants. On child studies, parent participant emails are collected and added to the Parent Reimbursement Sheet here:

Participants are given $3 Amazon gift cards using the lab Amazon account.

Adult participants are paid $3/15 minutes estimated completion time. Adult participant funds must be added on Prolific and Testable before studies are published. More information about paying for adult studies can be found in the Adult Online Studies page. 

Travel Reimbursements

Mileage Reimbursement

The lab provides gas reimbursements for lab-related travel, such as travel to museums and parks. The mileage form for reimbursement can be found on the server. All miles and times listed on the mileage form should be calculated as starting or ending at UCI. There is no reimbursement for miles traveled during commute (to and from home). A more detailed explanation of how to fill out the mileage form can be found on the Sarnecka Lab Manual, found here: smb://$/Posters and Presentations/Lab Manager/Lab Manager Resources

Conference/Event Travel Reimbursement

If you are attending a conference, talk to Nadia about being reimbursed for your conference expenses. In order to be reimbursed:

  1. You'll need to create a Travel and Entertainment Management (TEM) profile in the UCI financial system, KFS. Please add Clara as an arranger with her UCINetIds (clara). Instructions on creating your profile can be found here:

  2. Forward Clara the following documents:

    1. The CognSci Travel Reimbursement form (form and guidelines found in the server)​

    2. Copies of receipts for your expenses with prices listed (itineraries for flights should include the price charged)

    3. Document with the dates of the conference/event displayed (screenshot of webpage, conference schedule)

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