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What's in the Server?

The server should contain all lab-related documents that you might need.


Note: The lab login has access to all parts of the server, so don't download sensitive information onto the server (for e.g. RA application information)

The following is a list of what is where on the Server. This exists so you can use the Find function (Cmd-F on Mac and Ctrl-F on Windows) when you're having trouble locating something on the server. 

Forms and Templates:

Advance and Reimbursement Forms

  •  All reimbursement and advance forms such as:

    • Entertainment reimbursement form

    • Mileage form

    • Travel reimbursement form
    • Human subjects cash advance form

    • Participant receipt form

Project Templates

  • Any docs required to start a new project:

    • Participant ID Sheet​

    • Project Opening Sheet

    • Project Closing Sheet

    • REDCap Templates (zip files to upload to REDCap for new projects)

Purchase Orders

  • All purchase orders:

    • Blank Purchase Order​

    • Partially Filled Purchase Order (with items that are the same for all POs)

    • All previously submitted POs

IRB Documents:

  • All IRB documents including:

    • Approved IRB documents​ and the UCI Undergraduate Researcher Log 

    • IRB docs pending approval (docs that are still being reviewed)

    • Letters of Permission

Lab Manager:

  • This is where I put anything that no one else really needs 

    • Baby Pics (that need to be printed for in-lab wall hanging purposes)​

    • Lab Manual Pictures (that I have screenshotted or downloaded for extra detail)

    • RA Documents (Actually important) including:

      • Blank HS Confidentiality Form​

      • Blank REDCap Attestation Form

      • Blank LiveScan forms

      • Blank AP-9 form for onboarding non-UCI RAs

      • All Citi Certificates from RAs

      • All RA HS and REDCap forms

      • All Immunizations and TB Tests

Posters and Presentations:

  • All posters and presentations that have been submitted to conferences 


  • All documents and databases that potentially have to do with recruitment and off-site testing including:

    • Off-site database
      Database of off-site testing locations​

    • Participant database
      Database of all participants who have provided contact info

DoSC Logo​

  • All versions of the logo, including round and square versions

DoSC Study Blurbs​

  • All study blurbs to explain to parents what our study is investigating

Lab Pictures​

  • Pictures of the lab space, as well as pictures of children being run on studies

Preschool Child List​

  • Excel databases of child lists from different preschools, to keep track of all children from preschools

  • Word docs of child lists for different preschools to take into the field

Recruitment Materials

  • All pictures and documents for materials that we use to recruit new participants, such as the recruiting flyers, the QR code for the flyer, templates for the IDs and certificates, and the details for the prizes.

    • Newsletters
      All archived newsletters and templates 

    • Prizes
      Templates for DoSC ID cards and quotes for ordered prizes


Research Projects

  • All documents related to current and old research projects, including project opening and closing sheets, any stimuli-related images and inquisit files, and all video/audio, downloaded data, and analysis files.



  • UROP and SURP guidelines and example proposals


  • Resources for new RAs

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