The DOSC Lab is on the 4th floor of the Social Science Lab building. If you are scheduled to participate in a study, one of our research assistants will be waiting for you in front of the building to take you upstairs.

Addresses for the locations of both parking and the lab itself are provided  GPS navigation. If you are driving, please make your way to the parking structure first. If you are being dropped off, the closest drop-off point is the parking kiosk on Pereira Drive. From there follow the directions to the lab.

Addresses for GPS Navigation

For Driving to the Social Science Parking Structure:

4502 Campus Dr, Irvine, CA 92617

For Being Dropped off near the Lab:

4290 Pereira Dr #1128, Irvine, CA 92697

For Walking Directions to the Lab from Drop-off/Parking Point:

Social Science Lab, UC-Irvine

To Parking

If you are driving from off-campus, we recommend that you park in the Social Science Parking Structure (SSPS) at the intersection of Stanford Avenue and Campus Drive. Street parking is not available close to the Lab location.

By Car from the L.A. Area or Huntington Beach +

By Car from Costa Mesa +

By Car from Santa Ana or Anaheim +

By Car from John Wayne Airport-Orange County (SNA) +

Parking Details

Enter the Social Science Parking Structure from the Stanford St Entrance using the GPS Address provided above. 

Use the kiosks at the entrance to pay for 2 hours of parking ($4 total). You will be reimbursed for parking once you make your way to the lab. You may park anywhere on the 1st floor (marked G). Make sure to display your parking pass on the dashboard of your car before making your way to the lab. 

To the Lab from Parking

Once you park, exit the Parking Structure from the 3rd Floor on the South Side. There is a ramp that leads down to Pereira Drive. Cross the street and turn right. Continue following the street until you reach the walkway between the Paul Merage School of Business and the Social Science Gateway buildings. Follow the walkway straight and you should see a Starbucks.

Turn right at the Social Ecology II Building.

Walk through the grove of trees until you reach a small plaza with a fountain. 

Go up the stairs to your left. 

You should enter into a small plaza in front of two large buildings. A wide set of stairs will lead up to each building.

Continue up the second set of stairs and towards the tall building.

The building on the left (the short one) is the Social Science Lab, which houses the DOSC Lab.

The Walking Route