Training RAs: A Comprehensive Guide

Google Forms 

Availability form:


Registering RAs for REDCap:

All incoming RAs must be given HS Access and REDCap Access before they can do data entry. 

Nadia has to sponsor RAs for HS Access, so make sure to give Nadia filled out HS Access forms as soon as possible. REDCap forms need to be mailed to Habib at, along with confirmation that the RAs have been trained on REDCap. Training consists of showing RAs how to navigate REDCap. 

Double Data Entry:

The REDCap administrator must be emailed in order to enable Double Data Entry on all projects on REDCap. Email the REDCap administrator at with your REDCap ID (or Nadia's REDCap ID) and with the names of projects on which you want DDE enabled. Once the administrator responds with confirmation of enabled DDE, follow the steps outlined in this video in order to set up DDE for RAs:

How to do REDCap DDE: