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Training RAs: A Comprehensive Guide

Lab Manager Actions

Set up training shifts for new RAs

Set up regular shifts for new RAs

Add RAs to Slack, Trello and Google Calendar (RA Schedule; Child/Participant Schedule; Offsite-Visit Schedule)

Add RAs to the IRB Undergraduate Researcher Log

Google Forms 

Availability form:


Templates for all of the training RAs have to complete can be found of the Template Board:


Registering RAs for REDCap:

All incoming RAs must be given HS Access and REDCap Access before they can do data entry. 

  • Send RAs the HS Confidentiality and the REDCap Access forms. (They have to sign it and return back to you). 

  • Once they return the signed copies, you first need to request for HS access. 

HS Access:

  • Then select "New User HS Access Request"

  • Fill out the request, do not forget to attach the RA's completed HS Confidentiality form at the bottom of the screen. Once is all filled out, just click "Order Now" - Example below: 









  •  Usually the next day, you'll get an email with the RA's username and temporary password. You'll need to forward this email back to them, and ask them to create a new password. They will need to go to in order to create one. 

  • After they reset their password, you'll need to request for REDCap Access.

REDCap Access:











  • Then "Research"











  • Select "Research Toolkit Access" and complete the form in its entirety, remembering to attach the RA's completed REDCap Access form at the bottom of the screen as well as typing on the description box that we will train said RA on REDCap. Once filled out select "Order Now" - Example below: 
















  • Once done, email the REDCap Administrator (Habib; OR, with the RA's username and ticket number (RIT or REM number; example below). Then Habib will respond with a confirmation that the RA has been added to REDCap. 

  • All done!

Double Data Entry:

The REDCap administrator must be emailed in order to enable Double Data Entry on all projects on REDCap. Email the REDCap administrator at and Andrea and Habib with your REDCap ID (or Nadia's REDCap ID) and with the names of projects on which you want DDE enabled. Once the administrator responds with confirmation of enabled DDE, follow the steps outlined in this video in order to set up DDE for RAs:

How to do REDCap DDE:

Live Scans

Visit the EEC website at, then click the Onboarding icon and select the Request a PreHire Background Check link that displays in the menu list below. Select 'Live Scan Only'. You will need the RAs:

1. First and last name

2. Email address


Start account on Perusall and add DoSC Lab course (CHERNYAK-LH2VS)


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