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COVID-19 Guidelines for Lab
The DoSC Lab is so excited to reopen in person again! We will be introducing mandatory COVID-19 guidelines to follow to ensure the safety of lab personnel and participants.
Ground rules
  • Before you conduct any in-person work:

    • Talk to Lucy and schedule times you will be available in-person

    • Fill out the “return-on-campus” module

    • If you have a vaccination record, please send us a copy


  • During the day(s) you are scheduled to come in:

    • Fill out the “scheduled to work on-site” and confirm that you do not have symptoms

    • Make sure Lucy knows you are here ahead of time – we have to disclose who is in the building and when

    • Do a quick symptom check (take temperature)

    • Stay home if you or anyone in your household has been exposed to someone who tested positive for Covid in the last 14 days

  • After each day you are scheduled to come in:

    • Report anything that seemed unsafe to Lucy or me

    • Fill out the anonymous google form if you don’t want to talk to us directly

When working in the lab

  • Maintain 6 feet of distance

    • No more than 2 lab members in 407 (RA room)

    • No more than 2 lab members in the main lab space (up to 6 when testing families)

    • No more than 1 lab member per office in SST (you guys don’t know about this space, so don’t worry)

  • Always wear a mask & hand sanitizer

    • The lab will have extra

    • Masks must be worn over nose and mouth at all times

  • Greet parents outside; bring extra masks

    • Parents can keep any mask they put on

  • Parents must wear masks – you can say these are lab rules

  • Offer parents the option to test outside for shorter studies

  • Sanitize all surfaces:

    • Before each family

    • After each family

    • Before you leave the lab (wipe down computers, door handles, and anything you touched)

  • Wash hands frequently; before and after each family

When working in the field (museums, schools etc.)

  • Maintain 6 feet of distance when possible

  • Always wear a mask & hand sanitizer

    • The lab will have extra

  • Parents must wear masks – you can say these are lab rules

    • Bring extra masks for any parents who do not have them

  • Bring wipes, sanitizer, gloves, and extra sets of toys/games.

    • Have a ‘dirty’ box (where toys, books, stimuli go after kids have played with them) – take to be wiped down in the lab

    • Have a ‘clean’ box

    • Don’t re-use toys on the same day before wiping them down

Important reminders

  • We are not only keeping ourselves and others safe, but we are also modeling appropriate community member behavior

    • Maintain rules and guidelines regardless of vaccination status

    • Masks should be worn correctly

    • Respect for all parents & children

  • Communicate with us anything that seems unsafe or that we can improve

  • Masks & covid guidelines have become politicized – don’t engage; just state our lab rules and direct any issues to Nadia

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