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Required Documents for New RAS
*Optional Resource Reading

CITI Certification 

In order to conduct any social/behavioral research, you'll need to complete a UCI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)  Course.

This is the Official UCI CITI Course Instruction Page:

How to Enroll in the UCI CITI Human Research Protections Course:

1. Go to the CITI Website:

2. Register as a "New User" or log in if you are already a User.
3. Select "University of California, Irvine" as your Organization Affiliation.
4. You can either create a CITI UserID or use SSO.

If you create a CITI UserID, follow the instructions and use your UCINetID as your UserID if it is available. Make sure to use your UCI email address as your primary email address. 

If you use SSO, you will be prompted to log in using your UCINetID and password. 
5. Make sure to use your UCI email address as the "Preferred Email" or "Primary Email." By using your UCINetID and your UCI email address when registering, this will help ensure you receive credit for completion. At a minimum, the UCI email address must be listed to receive credit (in case your UCINetID is already taken by another CITI user ID).
6. Complete the Member Information online form. Once you have provided the member information, you'll be led through a series of screening questions to determine which training course to complete.
7. Enroll in the "Social/Behavioral Investigators (Basic Course)" and in the "Research with Children- SBE (Basic Course)."
8. Complete the required modules and associated quizzes. Every time you complete a module, your progress is saved, so don't feel pressured to complete the entire course in one sitting. Feel free to complete any optional modules that seem interesting.
10. Once you've completed the course, you'll need to send Lucy your completion certificate. Click on "View-Print-Share" under Completion Record for the required course. Near the bottom of the page there will be a Course Completion Certificate Link. Please email the lab manager with this link.

Live Scan 

The schools and museums where we recruit and collect data require that each RA to complete a LiveScan. The LiveScan is a basic background check and fingerprinting service that you'll get from the UCI HR department. The lab manager will send in a request for a live scan on your behalf and you will then be able to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

What You Need for the LiveScan:

  1. A ‘Request For Live Scan Service’ form. You can download the form once you receive it via email from the HR department.

  2. Your Driver's License or State ID Card
    If you don't have either of those, follow the instructions for providing additional documents as listed on the website link provided above.

What to Expect for the LiveScan:

You'll have to make an appointment with the HR Department to complete your LiveScan. During the LiveScan, you'll submit the form and be fingerprinted. The appointment should take about 15 minutes. There is free visitor parking at both the Orange and Irvine HR Department sites.

TB Testing and Immunization  

Students at UC-Irvine are required to obtain a TB Screening and submit their vaccination records. You may submit a copy of the vaccination records that you submitted to the UCI Health Center, either in person or via the Student Health Patient Portal, when you first enrolled at UCI (as long as it is the most updated version). 

If you are a freshman, you may also submit a copy of your TB Screening results also obtained during enrollment.

Unfortunately our participating schools and museums require that lab members have been screened for TB within the last two years. So, if you are not a freshman, you will need to visit the UCI Health Center and complete another TB test.

REDCap Access 

The DoSC Lab enters data on REDCap, so all RAs must have REDCap accounts. In order to do so, you'll have to go through the following process:

Steps for obtaining REDCap Access to DoSC data entry forms:

  1. Fill out and submit a Health Services (HS) Access Confidentiality form to the lab manager. You can download the form here or obtain a copy from the lab:


  2. Fill out an submit a REDCap Attestation form to the lab manager. You can download the form here or obtain a copy from the lab:


  3. Your lab manager or Dr. Chernyak will have to sponsor you for HS access. You will receive a verification email confirming that you have an HS Account. You must change your password within 24 hours of receiving the email in order to validate your account. 
    Important: The password change screen will automatically select both your UCI NetID and your HS Account. These are different accounts and if you want to change only your HS Account, you will have to deselect UCI NetID every time when changing your password. 

  4. Once you have an HS Account, you can then be sponsored for REDCap access. Email your lab manager letting them know you need to be trained and sponsored for REDCap access. 

  5. You will receive a verification email letting you know that you have REDCap access. You must click on the link in the email to verify your account within 24 hours before you can access REDCap. 

  6. Email your lab manager letting them know you have REDCap access. Once they add you to the relevant projects as users, you will be able to enter data and look at the project!

Photos and Bio for Lab Website

New RAs must send the Lab Manager a current picture, a baby picture, and a short bio to upload to the lab's website (see our People page for examples!)

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