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Mileage Reimbursement

If you are an RA and are using your own vehicle to drive to and from lab destinations such as parks and/or museums, you will be compensated up to $0.655 cents/mile (as of 10/23).

  1. Using your UCI email address, complete the CogSci Mileage Log

    1. VERY Important: Make a copy of the mileage log BEFORE you fill it out!

    2. Download the sheet as a pdf

  2. Instructions for completing the mileage log can be found here.

    1. Be sure to read the full page before proceeding

  3. Go to Google Maps and show the travel you made (e.g., drove from my house, to the lab, to the museum)

    1. This will show the distance + mileage​

    2. Take a screenshot of the distances taken (e.g., one screenshot from your house to the lab, and another screenshot from the lab to the museum)

  4. Lastly, complete the CogSci Travel Reimbursement Form

    1. Make sure you're using your own email

    2. Let the Lab Manager know so they can send you the KFS Account #

    3. You do not need to complete any other section (Airfare, Meals, Rental Car) unless relevant

    4. At the bottom, upload the pdf and screenshots from the Mileage Log and Google Maps documentations you completed before. 

If you used an app (Uber, Lyft, etc.) in order to travel to the place (e.g., museum, park). You will ONLY need to complete the CogSci Travel Reimbursement Form and attach the receipt of the cost at the bottom of the form. 

Please inform your supervisor (graduate student or lab manager) once you have filled out the mileage log and/or if you have any questions regarding the process.

Thank you!

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