Equipment & Web Information

Camera & Video Equipment

The lab has three Sony Handycams and one Webcam. One Sony Handycam stays in the lab at all times, and two Sony Handycams live in the equipment cabinet and can be signed out for studies conducted in the field.

We have two small, brass Amazon-basics tripods and two larger, silver Amazon-basics tripods. The brass tripods remain in the lab testing spaces. The silver tripods live in the equipment cabinet and can be signed out for conducting studies off-site.


The cameras look like this:








How to use the cameras 

Here are some of the basic function to get you started:

  1. Flip open the camera’s screen in order to turn it on. Close it to turn it off.

  2. The button with the red circle on it is the recording button. Press it to start recording. You can check the screen to make sure you are recording: a red “REC” will be be visible. Press the recording button again to stop recording. The text will now change to a green “STDBY.”

  3. In order to play back your videos, press the button placed below the “play” symbol on the screen. The handycam screen is not a touchscreen; use the navigation button surrounded by the arrows to choose options.

Ask Sifana if you have any questions about using the camera.

The tripods look like this:











                       Brass tripod: Lives in Lab

                                                                                                  Silver tripod: In-field Testing

*Extra tripod plates can be found in the equipment cabinet. 



How to use the phones

Dialing another number on the UCI campus: You only need to dial the last 5 digits of the phone number (e.g., you would dial 47569 if calling 949-824-7569). All UCI phone numbers begin with (949)-824. 824 = UCI.

Dialing a phone number outside of UCI: Make sure to press "9" first. Then dial the 10-digit number you want.

Checking Voicemail: Voicemails show up as flashing text on the phone screen. To check voicemail, press the "Voicemail" button on the phone. When prompted for the security key, enter the last 7 digits of the phone number in backwards sequential order, i.e. if the phone number is (949) 824-4738, the security key is 8374428.


Printing, Copying, and Scanning

We have access to both a departmental printer and copier, and our own lab printer. For all scanning, and all black and white printing and copying, we use the departmental printer. Use the lab printer only when printing color copies and for emergencies.

Departmental Printer:

The best departmental printer is located in SBSG 2545. There are also departmental printers in SST, but they tend to be more finicky, so the one in SBSG is preferable. You will need a Copy Code. 

DoSC Lab Copy Code: 047757

Copying and Scanning: 

Once you get to the machine, you should see a screen that asks you for your Dept ID and PIN. In the Dept ID box, enter the 6-digit copy code# (047757). Leave the PIN box blank. Press the Log In button. You should then see the options to scan/email or copy. 

Scanning: Press the scan button, and the email button. It will prompt you to enter a new email address. Enter the lab email address and place the documents, unstapled, in the order they should be scanned, and facing up, in the tray at the top of the copier, NOT the flatbed image scanner. Press the button to start scanning.

Copying: Press the copy button. You can select various copy settings, such as whether documents should print collated (if a document has multiple pages), documents should be stapled by the machine, and whether the documents should be printed double-sided or one-sided. Once you've selected all the settings, use the keypad to enter the number of copies. Place the document in the tray at the top of the copier, facing up, NOT the flatbed image scanner.


When printing, make sure you select this printer:



Enter the 6-digit copy code (047757) in the Department ID box only and press OK.



Once you receive a notification on your screen that it has been sent to the printer/copier, go to SBSG to pick up the document.


Lab Printer:

Only use the lab printer to print in color and print in emergencies.


You can print to the lab printer from any of the computers in the RA room. The lab printer uses wifi, so make sure the printer is on and the computer is connected to DIRECT-63-PRINTER in the wifi settings. If the printer is initially unresponsive, connect and disconnect the wifi and then try again. 

Server Access

Important lab documents are stored on a secure server dosclab$ smb share on Thor. 

Accessing the server:

Connecting to the server: Connect to server from any of the Lab Macs through Go> Connect to Server (or Cmd-K) and then using smb://$

Your username: ss2k\dosclabuser

Your password: Ku5hn!rServer