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Everything about the IRB

Current IRB Protocol # 2018-4715

The IRB approval process at UCI is pretty slow, so make sure to get out any documents ASAP.

IRB Documents on Server

  • All IRB Documents are located in: smb://$/IRB Documents

  • Current approved IRB Docs (to print) are located in: smb://$/IRB Documents/IRB Documents (.pdfs)

  • Editable IRB Docs (for future amendments) are located in: smb://$/IRB Documents/IRB Documents (.pdfs)/Editable Documents

IRB Amendments:

Go to the IRB Modification Link

Submit two copies of all amended documents:

  1. One with highlighted changes. Changes should be highlighted using track changes (not yellow highlight)

  2. One clean copy, without changes highlighted.

Most amendments will require an amended Protocol Narrative. Make sure to submit two copies of the amended protocol narrative as well. 

Once IRB Amendments have been approved, make sure to download documents onto the server and replace amended documents.​ 

IRB Links:

UCI IRB Modification

Guidelines for IRB Modifications

IRB Approved Documents

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