Social Media

Do Not sign in to Lab Social Media accounts from your personal device.


Our Twitter Handle: @DoSC_Lab

Posts get published: Whenever we go into the field, or at least 3 times a week.

How to Publish Posts from the Mac:

  1. Go to the Buffer Website

  2. Log in using the following credentials:

  3. Click "Publish" on the menu at the top

  4. Click on a time to schedule a Tweet on the day you want to schedule it for. After creating the tweet, select a custom time to publish. 

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Our Instagram Handle: @DoSC_Lab

Posts get published: At least once a week

How to Access Instagram from the Mac:

  1. Open Safari and go to the Instagram website.

  2. On the Menu Bar at the very top, click on Safari.

  3. Go to Preferences > Advanced and make sure “Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar” is toggled on.

  4. On the Menu Bar at the top, Develop will show up between “Bookmarks” and “Window.” Select Develop > User Agent > Safari - iOS 11 - iPhone.

  5. The Safari web page will refresh and Instagram will show up in the mobile format.

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Our Facebook Handle: @DoSC.Lab

Posts get published:

How to Access Facebook:

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