Lab Apps 

Trello: Task Management

The lab uses Trello to organize tasks that need to be completed by lab members. Once you join the lab, you will be added to the DoSC Lab Team and the DoSC Lab Tasks Board. You must join the board in order to add and edit tasks. If you haven't received an invitation email for Trello within the first week of joining, let the Lab Manager know.

Quick Guide to Using Trello

Each DoSC RA has their own "list" of tasks on the DoSC Lab Tasks board. You can add tasks to your list by clicking "Add another card." Make sure to put "Your Name:" at the beginning of every card.

After adding a new task, you can edit the task (by clicking on the pen icon)

                                                                                                              and change the labels or the due date.










The lab uses different labels for different types of tasks:

Administrative: Anything you might do for the Lab Manager e.g. submitting documents, changing your schedule, signing up for credits for the lab, as well as any lab organization tasks are administrative.

Research: These include experimental design tasks, study prep (creating stimuli and coding sheets), running participants, data entry, data analysis etc.

Writing: All writing such as methods sections, blurbs, and poster presentations for your study fall under this category.

Miscellaneous: Everything else that doesn't really fit into a box. 


When you finish a task, you can either move it for Nadia or the Lab Manager to review, or you can move it to done (Completed) if it doesn't need to be reviewed. You can move tasks off your list by clicking and dragging.




At the end of every week, Nadia will archive all of the Completed tasks.

These are all of the basic functions that you'll need. You can also tag people by commenting on your tasks in Trello to notify them of anything they need to do. Feel free to explore Trello and figure out how you can make it work for you! Make sure to check the tasks you have assigned to you whenever you come into lab.

Slack: Communication

The lab uses Slack to communicate with lab members for all lab related things. You can text and call lab members in the case of emergencies, but we will primarily be using Slack. You can access the DoSC Lab Slack after you have joined. Create a Slack account and download the app on your phone before emailing the Lab Manager for a invite to the lab Slack. 

Quick Guide to Using Slack

Slack operates using different channels within the workspace. After you join the DoSC Lab workspace, you will be able to join, or be added to, any of the channels in the workspace.


#x_study: Each study has its own Slack channel. Anyone who is involved in the study (design, data entry, analysis etc. should be part of the study channel. Anything related to the study will be shared on this channel.

#labmeeting: Anything related to the weekly lab meetings will be shared on this channel, i.e. topics covered during the meeting, required readings, time changes etc.

#labwork: Questions about work assigned or done in lab can be shared on this channel. 

#fieldtesting: Issues encountered while testing in the field, questions about field testing procedures, planning for field visits etc. can all be addressed on this channel.

#labtesting: Questions about testing in the lab, or any issues encountered while testing in lab, can be addressed in this channel.

#general: Any general questions about lab, administrative questions, organization questions, general updates about the lab will be shared on this channel.

#random: Random stuff related to the lab, including anything fun, can be shared on this channel

#doscadventures: A channel to share pictures, anecdotes, or anything fun that happens while not on official lab business.

Messages are shared on Slack in the appropriate channel. If messaging the channels, you can also tag anyone you want to direct your message to so they receive a notification. Pictures, files (such as readings) etc. can be shared on the channel and can be opened on your phone or on a web browser.

You can also direct message Nadia or the other RAs on Slack.